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Come Catch a Fish!
The sun is shining, the water is sparkling, and children’s laughter fills the air. You watch as your child’s bobber goes down, indicating that there is a fish on the other end of that line. You are filled with a feeling of excitement even though it is not your fish, but because your child’s excitement has a way of rubbing off on you. 

Your child reels in the fish and makes his first catch; you both create a joyful memory that will last forever. 

This is the dream that the owners, Judy and Rick Osipenko, envisioned when they first started their business over 20 years ago. Eagle Ridge is a place where young and old can come and enjoy a day of 
hassle-free fishing. The customers fish off of shore on large man-made ponds that 
go as deep as 25 feet. There is a large picnic area with designated fire pits and a propane BBQ.